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Dear Friends:

August is upon us…it’s just starting to cool off up here.

HOUSE CONCERT/INTERNET CONCERT: On Saturday Aug 27 at 7:30 PM, we’ll be hosting The Sixth Annual Uke Fest right here as a house concert event. Tune in or come by the house and help us celebrate the end of a great summer and send the kids off to school!

Featuring The Ladies Auxiliary Ukulele Orchestra with special guests Heather Pierson and Vin Balkandzhieva.

Contact blewis@williams.edu or 413-458-0944 for RSVP and directions

Concert Window: https://www.concertwindow.com/9250-bernice-lewis

SUGAR HILL FOLK FESTIVAL: Our 12th annual event will be on Sunday Aug 28 from 2 – 4 PM. I’m excited to have Mariah Colorado and Dan Broad as accompanists, as well as Heather Pierson and The Lords of Liechtenstein as our very special guests. It’s going to be a great show this year!

This event is sponsored by the Sugar Hill Senior Living Community, Sanctuary Records, the Massachusetts Cultural Council, The Dalton Cultural Council, The Hinsdale-Peru Cultural Council, The Dalton CRA, Day Mountain Sound. Additional funding is from the Katherine H.W. and Winthrop Murray Crane III Charitable Trust. Proceeds from the sale of refreshments will go to the Alzheimer’s Association.

UPCOMING TOURS:  In September, I’ll be back in Boston to perform at Passim with my pal Janet Feld.  I’ll be back in California in November. Be sure to share venue ideas and contacts, or volunteer to host a house concert.  I truly couldn’t do this without you!

GRAND CANYON RAFT TRIP: I’m currently in the process of negotiating dates for our next trip, which is likely to take place in September 2018. Be sure to let me know if you’d like to be on the list. I’ll be accepting deposits for the first 12 seats later this fall.

SAN MIGUEL D’ALLENDE, MEXICO: Very exciting news…We have just confirmed the first Annual Songwriters of San Miguel Retreat, scheduled for Dec 8 -11. I’m excited to be co-hosting with Emily Pickrell and Jean Pascal.

Check the calendar below for details.

HO HO HO: Click here to download this quirky holiday single from CDBaby!

ORDERING INFO:  Checks & Loveletters and all of my older recording are available. for purchase or download from CDBaby.

ARTIST EDUCATOR:  Most of you know that I often go to schools to talk about my family’s emigration from Germany in 1940, during WWII.  Drop me a line if you know a school or teacher that would be interested in hosting this presentation.

UKULELES:  Check out the most recent article in The Berkshire Eagle!

MY DAY JOB:  Check out this wonderful article in The Williams College Record.

GOING DOWN GRAND:  I’m thrilled to have one of my canyon poems included in this amazing collection! Going Down Grand, the first full-length anthology of Grand Canyon poetry, gathers the voices of cowboys, explorers, river-runners,hikers, artists, geologists, rangers, and others whose words bear witness to this complex and magnificent place. For readers on the river, the trails, the rim, or beyond, the poems on these pages will make fine canyon company.  Order from Lithic Press.

SONGWRITING BLOG:  Jamie Anderson, good friend and supreme performer/road warrior, recently invited me to be a guest contributor to her blog.  Have a look!

YOU TUBE:  Videos! Hope you enjoy! Wings by Bernice Lewis Filmed at The Booth Theater in Danville, PA. Thanks to Bob Drake, you can also catch an impromptu breakfast performance of In The Band at Kerrville Folk Festival’s infamous Camp Coho, featuring Gina Forsyth, Charlie Roth, Gary Martin, Dennis Dougherty, Amy Kucharik and many others.

ACOUSTIC LIVE: I was honored to be the subject a feature article in Acoustic Live, a wonderful music publication out of NYC.

SIRIUS SUBSCRIBERS: I had the shock of my life (OK, that’s an exaggeration)  when I received a check over $150 in airplay royalties.  Up until now, my quarterly royalties for airplay have been under $5.  If you are a Sirius subscriber, please drop them a note to request more Bernice Lewis!  Then you’ll be able to say you helped put my daughter through school!

PANDORA:  Checks & Love Letters is on Pandora! In the 2014 Top Albums and Song Folk Music Radio Airplay Chart, Checks & Love Letters tying with Dolly Parton at 90 out of 600 listings!

PODCASTS:  Check out Mariah and I being interviewd by Janet Feld.  Episode 5 at Janet’s Planet Radio Hour on True 2 You Radio

Hope our paths cross soon – Bernice