This Month’s Poem

March 11, 2013

Hello Friends!  Just thought I’d start posting my monthly poems and other tidbits here on my blog.

It’s been a long and somewhat snowless winter here in New England.  I’m preparing for one of those birthdays with a zero…the only kind that count any more.  I find myself thinking about the nature of friendship and how changes over the years, how it serves us, and how important it is.  Because of my life as a touring artist, I have been blessed with such a variety of relationships, but as I change and as communcations methods in  our culture changes, I have also noticed how isolated we get from each other.  I only hope to be this lucky when the time comes for me to find my rocking chair.

This Month’s Poem:  

They sat next to each other on soft chairs

two elderly ladies

walkers off to the side

the TV mindlessly chattering in the background

like the small children they once had.

They comment briefly on the news, the weather

a recent visit to the doctor

long quiet pauses are a form of agreement

They are just sitting together

Lord, when I grow old

if you can’t give me health




or pleasure

At least

give me the gift of a friend

© Bernice Lewis 9/06/06

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